Bridge Civil Engineering Ltd. is committed to meeting the agreed requirements and standards of our clients in the execution of our contracts and to producing a project that is developed, designed, constructed and completed to programme to the specified quality standards and, in all respects, conforms to contractual, regulatory and statutory requirements.

This commitment will be achieved by working to the Quality Management System of the Company which will be continually updated and improved to ensure that the Company remains successful in the civil engineering market.

Meeting the expectations of the client is founded on, technical and commercial experience, the correct level of resourcing and a desire to perform.

The Company believes in early participation in a project in order to pre-empt and solve potential problems and constraints and so eliminate the elements that can often lead to wasted time, cost effort and conflict.

Where possible, the Company actively promotes the use of design and build, negotiated, partnered and open book contracts in keeping with the new construction philosophy in order to achieve guaranteed cost and best value for our clients.

The Company believes in and embraces the changes in the industry and the principles of Sir John Egan’s “Rethinking Construction” and actively supports the Government’s initiatives of best practice, “Constructing Excellence” and “Considerate Construction”.

The Company will:

  • commit to the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008 & NHSS Sector 16 certification.
  • continually improve the Company’s quality performance through the monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

We recognize that this success depends on the experience and quality of our employees and subcontractors and upon ongoing investment in their training and development and the constant upgrading of facilities.

The responsibility for providing these best standards belongs with each employee to implement and operate the Quality Management System and to offer review and improvement where appropriate and to encourage subcontractors to be involved in and comply with the process.

A copy of this statement will be available to all employees and subcontractors at all places of work.

Dave Ellis

Managing Director

01 April 2015